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    Their training and courses are excellent. I did not realise how much I did not know. My strategy was to buy at auction or through Estate Agents run down properties. James and the team found me my first two properties at great discount. They oversaw the refurbi

    Mrs Caroline K…

    I met Liz in 2010 and was encouraged to start my property portfolio. My husband and I have our own business in Cheshire and always wanted to own property since arriving in the UK. It is a pension for our family. Liz and James gave their time and experience to

    Mrs & Mrs Ja…

    I first met James McGing in 2005. His knowledge and experience was inspirational and informative. I wanted to get into property as soon as I heard him speak in front of a packed crowd at the Radisson Hotel in Manchester. The audience were entertained and loved

    Mrs Rion T…

    When I first met James he kept telling me to buy terraced houses or student properties in University towns. He said where possible avoid flats as service charges spiral out of control and their re sale values cannot be assured. How right he was. My first Stude

    Landsdowne P…

    James McGing helped and advised on my first property in 2007. He negotiated a 20% discount on a new property in Salford Quays. After attending his training I have never looked back. They also collect my rents which is no surprise as their letting business have

    Mr David Co…

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BTL / Financial Security

‘Sequre property investment’ have announced 50% of those over 50yrs old are more attracted to buy-to-let (BTL) & Buy-to-sell property investments for their families security. So many people are loosing trust in pensions and need an alternative option. The property market is becoming more popular for financial security. If you want to invest in property […]

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Confidence In The Property Market

Confidence in the housing market has hit a high say estate agents. The number of new homes coming to the market is at great demand Around 60% of estate agents agree the housing market is only set to rocket over the next 6 months. RICS have noticed agents have not been so excited about the […]

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Landlords Expand Property Portfolios

Paragon Mortgages have evidence that landlords have increased their property portfolios more towards the end of 2013, and will only continue to grow in 2014. An average size of 14.7 properties has been a remarkable change from 13.3 properties earlier in the year. Predications suggest in the next 12 months there will be a high […]

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Keep on top of rent arrears

It is an increasing problem that landlords are having- more and more tenants are having difficulties paying rent. As a landlord it is important to consider why a tenant is in rent arrears: The tenant may change to benefits; this isn’t an ideal tenant as thing may only get worse. Cost of living is becoming […]

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